Lovely lowercase a


Sometimes when I am on the phone I start drawing letters and most of the time it’s the letter a.Read More

Panno Text on Eindhoven train station


Last Friday I took the train to Amsterdam. On Eindhoven train station I saw this poster with Panno Text in use.Read More

Sexy Pinup goes matrix!


Our popular typeface Pinup goes matrix! It is a lot of fun to turn her sexy curves into pixels.Read More

Idea for a typeface


Last January I was packing because of the moving to Eindhoven and in a stack of print outs and sketches I found this design for a typeface… Read More

Stencil type workshop Sint Lucas


On January the 18th and 19th I gave a presentation of my work to the second year students design (around 100 all together) at Sint Lucas college in Boxtel, The Netherlands…Read More

Figures for Didone


Today I am working on the figures for the ‘Didone project with a twist’…Read More

Small article about Hangil E-type


A small article about the new road signage of South Korea… Read More

Kinky Didone


Today I started working on a Didone typeface with a twist for a client…Read More

New pictures of Hangil E-type used on street signs of Seoul!


Erik de Vlaam went to South-Korea and gave me a large amount of pictures showing street signs in Seoul…Read More

Hangil E-type


In 2008, Studio Dumbar started the development of the Korean national road signage system in co-operation with the Hong-Ik university…Read More