Pootjes Glass typeface

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During the 1950s and ’60s thousands of shop windows and entrance doors throughout The Netherlands were adorned with small black or coloured glass plates extolling the virtues of the shop’s products and service. All of these signs used identical lettering, mechanically painted in whice (and occasionally colored or black) opaque ink. They were produced by one firm: Pootjes, a family business in the town of Hilversum. Pim Pootjes, the firm’s principal, designed a hand-operated machine which produced the glass plates which have the name “Pootjesglas” (Pootjes glass).

The typeface is based on the lettering of Pootjesglas.

Text borrowed from the book “Dutch Type”, written by Jan Middendorp
Typeface designed in collaboration with Paul van der Laan
Not available for licensing